A Brief About Me

Hello, I am Expert on Continuous Delivery of Software

I love empowering software development team with processes and tools that allows the delivery of software to any number of environments in an automated way.

No time wasted on deployments, and more importantly no more surprises when deploying to production.

I have over 5 years of experience on Continuous Delivery.

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Name Juan Jose del Rio
Phone +34 684 01 45 58
Languages Spanish, English
Current residence Malaga (Spain)
Also lived in London (UK)
Makati (Philippines)

What I do


Why you will like it

Smooth Deployments
  • 100% Service availability
  • Save personnel's time
  • Linux and Windows
  • Integrated with QA
Environments On Demand
  • Build environments in hours
  • Load Balancing
  • Easy to maintain
  • VMWare, VirtualBox, Docker
Continuous Integration
  • New code tested right away
  • Find problems early
  • Teams can grow faster
  • Expert on Bamboo
  • Monitoring like a boss
  • Optimized SDLC
  • Less Technical Debt
  • Reuse infrastructure code